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Reasonable Accommodations are alterations to rules, policies, practices or services to afford a person with a disability equal opportunity to use and enjoy the dwelling unit, including common use areas, by ameliorating the symptoms of the disability.

HUD/DOJ Memo - Accommodations

Requests for Reasonable Accommodations

Verification of Disability and Need

2020 HUD Memo on Service / Assistance Animals

HUD Memo on Insurance and Assistance Animals

Montana Code Annotated - Service Animals - Know the difference between an assistance and a service animal. In Montana there are potential penalties for misrepresentation.

Right to be Accompanied By Service Animal

HUD Guidance on Assistance Animals - A Fact Sheet

MFH's Guide for Healthcare Providers and Residents/Applicants

2023 MCA - Emotional support animals -- documentation.

HUD Memo on Medical Marijuana


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